Self-made beauty blogger, social media icon and now founder of her own makeup like, Huda Kattan has been in the cosmetic limelight for a few years now—and with her 15.9 Instagram followers only growing by the day, it’s clear she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. While her go-to techniques and must-have products are totally out in the open and shared with her fanbase, she, like others, has been pretty hush-hush about the controversial topic of injections and fillers until now.

In an interview with, Dubai-based Kattan was asked her opinion on the lip injection trend that’s currently taking the world by storm. “I’ve had it done,” she says about fillers to enhance her pout. “Right before I got into makeup, I felt like my lips were small. They actually weren’t, but I wanted that juicy Angelina Jolie lip.” But, turns out the experience wasn’t all that Kattan thought it would be. “It was the worst thing I ever did. The guy literally ruined my lips. Ever since then, I’ve had fillers to try to fix everything because my lips came out so uneven. I wish I had never done it and gone the lip liner route instead.”