CatchMD, a hardware and software aesthetics company, announced its debut in the aesthetics industry. The startup’s product solutions include imaging software and hardware for modern plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical spas. 

According to a press release from the company, its leadership team is a mix of physicians, manufacturing executives, and distribution veterans. 

In unison with the company’s launch, CatchMD has acquired Optic Imaging and sole distribution rights for the Capture imaging device, formerly known as the Optic Slim. The enhanced Capture will be available for purchase on March 10, 2022, at 

“Our products are designed for the changing landscape of aesthetics where performance meets beauty, we aid modern providers in capturing modern patients through easy and informative client conversations which spur sales at the point of care,” says Founder and Partner, Austin Podowski. “Our ‘show don’t tell’ approach in the patient consultation simplifies an otherwise suggestive situation,” he adds.

As the sole distributor of the Capture imaging device, CatchMD is relaunching the machine with new features which reportedly will streamline and enhance patient engagement. The device delivers real-time data ensuring easy patient conversations by revealing underlying damage and skin conditions that patients cannot see with the naked eye. The portable machine reveals more than 10 indications with LED-powered RGB, UV, and PL Filters including pore and wrinkle count, among others.  

The first of CatchMD’s software products is set to launch late 2022. An all-in-one asset for aesthetics professionals, the mobile application addresses content, compliance, and capturing. Specific features include before and after photo management, marketing tools, and patient form management.

“Ideal for high-end, high volume and high patient billable practices, we’ve created a comprehensive and affordable subscription solution including 3D imaging for body contouring, plastic surgery, and injections,” Podowski adds.