When implants were first introduced, they were used for reconstruction after birth defects and damage caused by accidents or trauma. Today, they are being used regularly by plastic surgeons to provide a harmonious balance to patients’ features to help them feel better about the way they look. Which of these implants will you use?


The Conform® Malar Shell by Implantech augments the zygoma to create a higher cheekbone arch and achieve a more aesthetic, youthful, and balanced look. Made from silicone, the implant’s patented, flexible grid pattern allows it to adapt to underlying bone and tissue for a more predictable result. Placing the implant within the malar bone and the first third of the zygomatic arch produces an angular appearance. When the implant is placed within the middle third of the zygomatic arch, the upper third of the face appears broader because the cheekbone is accentuated laterally. The company also offers the Conform Submalar Shell implant, which, when placed in the hollow below the cheekbone, adds volume after soft tissue loss and thinning. The Conform Extended Anatomical Chin implant provides a proportional facial profile.

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Ventura, CA 93003
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Allergan introduces its Natrelle™ collection of breast implants. Natrelle is a matrix of silicone gel-filled and saline-filled breast implants that allows plastic surgeons to select the implant volume, shape, texture, and implant filler, to provide a result that is in line with the patient’s expectation.

Allergan Inc
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AART Inc offers a complete line of body-contouring and facial implants, including four styles of gluteal implants, each with multiple sizes. All implants are matched to the tissue that they are augmenting or replacing. The gluteal implants are Ultra-Soft™, allowing for smaller incisions, easier insertion, and less trauma.

AART also offers educational support, including instructional laboratories and videos. All of AART’s implants are manufactured using implant-grade silicone polymers and cutting-edge technology. Custom implants are available within 2 weeks.

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Reno, NV 89511
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Anthony Products

Anthony Products’ line of facial implants includes nasal, chin, and malar implants that are made from carvable solid silicone elastomer. The company also offers sizers.

Anthony Products Inc
7740 Records St
Indianapolis, IN 46226
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NeoForm™ by Mentor is an acellular dermis graft used for breast reconstruction. NeoForm features the Tutoplast® Process, which has been used in more than 1 million procedures without any reported cases of disease attributed to the graft. The patented process inactivates and sterilizes human tissue, preserving it for surgical implantation. The graft is not freeze-dried and is easy to store because no refrigeration is required. NeoForm rehydrates in 1 to 2 minutes.

Mentor Corp
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Santa Barbara, CA 93111
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Shippert Medical Technologies

Shippert Medical Technologies offers a variety of implants. For nonsurgical closure of septal perforations, Shippert offers a nasal septal button made from medical-grade silicone. It contains a trimmable, two-part button with a central post and two flanged leaves for easy insertion. The nasal-airway splint, also made from medical-grade silicone, provides septal support and an integral airway to allow breathing after an aesthetic procedure. It is easy to insert and remove. The hole in its anterior tip allows easy suturing. The bivalve nasal splint, made from medical-grade fluoroplastic, features a slit to allow insertion and removal and prepunched holes for easy suturing.

Shippert Medical Technologies
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Centennial, CO 80111
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Invotec International

From chin to mandibular jowl to nasal columella, Invotec International offers a complete line of sterile silicone facial implants. The implants feature tapered edges that provide a natural appearance. The implants’ opacity eliminates transillumination. The company specializes in chin implants that are available in many different styles.

Invotec International
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Jacksonville, FL 32256
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