T. J. McKiernan is an account manager for ResultSet Inc, in Fox River Grove, Ill. McKiernan has been with ResultSet for 2 years and is responsible for managing medical accounts, nationally and internationally; creating new business; and developing and main­taining relationships.

What types of services does ResultSet provide to plastic surgeons?

We provide a medical software system that can make a surgeon’s practice paperless. The RSI Medical Software System is modular by design, so a practitioner can pick and choose the modules he or she will need and use. The modules include electronic medical records, image archiving, billing, scheduling, e-insurance, and dictation. We also provide network services, software customization, disaster recovery, data conversions, and off-site backup plans.

Which of your services is the most popular? 

The most popular service we provide to our customers is giving them the ability to customize their system to meet their specific needs. We have found that many of our clients appreciate the fact that we are willing and able to customize particular functions and reports as well as develop modules for their offices.

There are many practice-management software products on the market. What makes the ResultSet system different from the rest?

We believe that our customer service and customer loyalty sets us apart from our competition. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we want all of our clients to be happy and satisfied with the RSI Medical Software System. We guide our clients through the decision-making process to determine exactly what they need. We accomplish this through the use of our Web site, product-information packages, demonstration software, promotional DVD, and personal product demonstrations. Our modular design allows each prospect to select specific modules, features, and functions that they need and will use instead of having to buy a complicated software package with many functions that they will not use.

With which other software products is your system compatible?

Microsoft Office®, TeleVox®, Dymo®, Inform®, Palm®, and Adobe Suite®.

Please describe ResultSet’s Business Intelligence System.

The RSI Business Intelligence System revolutionizes the way businesses use and profit from knowledge. The system enhances data access, complex data gathering, and reporting; and allows an organization to effectively manage and automate processes.

Whatever a client’s data-gathering and man­age­ment needs are, our Business Intel­ligence System helps transform data into a powerful and cost-effective tool to improve business efficiency.