Walk into Dr. Steven R. Cohen’s FACES+ plastic surgery center, located in sunny San Diego, and one of the first things you’ll notice is beautiful art covering every wall. Look even more closely and you’ll see his scribbled signature at the bottom of every piece.

Dr. Cohen is an artist in every sense of the word — he’s a painter, an author, an inventor, and his “left brain” approach to beauty, aging, and surgery techniques has made him an award-winning, internationally recognized plastic surgeon.

One of his most inventive and visually compelling procedures is his “Injectable Facial Rejuvenation,” a technique that has the potential to turn the current filler craze on its head.

In this procedure, instead of reaching for a box of Juvederm or Restylane on the shelf, Dr. Cohen uses the patient’s own fat harvested via liposuction. Within the operating room, he filters the fat and breaks it down into three different density levels (mili, micro, nano) before re-injecting the appropriately-sized fat into different areas of the patient’s face.