Connie Elder began her career 24 years ago with a company that manufactured compression garments. Now she’s turned that experience into a modern product line called LIPO IN A BOX® Phase2­Wear™. These revolutionary compression garments are designed with a patented technology to address the needs of second-stage patients. As the founder and CEO of COVA Marketing LLC, she is currently working on the development of new LIPO IN A BOX styles.

What is LIPO IN A BOX Phase2Wear?

LIPO IN A BOX is a line of second-stage compression garments with a patented varied-compression technology. Many physicians want their liposuction and abdominoplasty patients to wear a compression garment for several weeks as they continue to heal and return to daily activities. This product line offers physicians and patients many benefits. There are many styles to choose from that address procedure-specific aftercare needs. The physician knows what his patient is getting, because all styles use the same patented varied-compression design features. The patient is more likely to be compliant with the physician’s orders, since the product is comfortable and breathable. It is an easy garment to wear all day, every day, while the patient is returning to his or her normal routine.

What makes LIPO IN A BOX different?

The garment is knitted on a circular machine, which allows the product to be either seamless or have only minimal seams. It provides varied compression within each garment, allowing for tighter compression in areas where support is needed the most, and less compression in other areas to create a more comfortable garment for all-day wear.

Distribution of LIPO IN A BOX products is a bit different. How and why?

Physicians’ offices are not retail stores. We provide the doctor with brochures that direct each patient to exactly what style to purchase, what size, and where to purchase it—like a prescription pad. It is a second-stage garment, so the patient has time to order it before he or she needs it. Patients can order via the Web site or by calling a toll-free number, (866) 547-6269. They are recuperating and usually don’t feel like going shopping during this time, so they can order their second-stage garment from the privacy of their own home and have it delivered. We have overnight-delivery options for those who procrastinate.