Many of us have issues with our bodies.

Whether we think our tummies are too big or our breasts are too small and we could do with a little work, there’s few of us who can say we’re entirely happy with how we look.

Luckily most of us have someone we can go to for reassurance. A parent or partner who’ll tell us not to worry as we’re fine just the way we are.

But imagine if it was these very individuals who were triggering our insecurities. Or, even worse, pushing us to get plastic surgery. Imagine if you were only young and it was your mum encouraging you to go under the knife.

Dr Jenna Alice Burton says it happens quite a lot.

She explains: “Coercion comes in many forms and from many different people. Parents, especially mothers, are equally as likely to encourage their daughters to opt for surgery or cosmetic treatments as husbands are to their wives. In fact the most direct form of coercion I see is from mothers to their daughters.”

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