For a few months now, I've been impressed with a new blog, Explore Plastic Surgery, which is written by Indianapolic-based plastic surgeon Barry Eppley. His latest blog entry covers the subject of abdominal panniculectomy. Although Eppley's blog appears at first to be written for the patient, he regularly speaks to the surgeon. It's good to have another plastic who is willing to maintain a consistently interesting blog and can articulate well, to boot. However, we will excuse his mixing metaphors in the title of his current blog entry, The Changing Face of the Abdominal Panniculectomy:

While removal of a massive abdominal pannus solved a few health problems for the very obese patient, it did little for their general well-being or improve longevity. Along came bariatric surgery and we have seen a fortunate change in the large abdominal pannus patient. As bariatric surgery has helped patients lose a lot of weight, so has the size of abdominal pannuses decreased. Most abdominal pannuses that I see today are in the bariatric surgery patient or someone that has lost over 100 lbs. on their own.

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