According to an article published in The Open Press, the acupuncture facelift is an effective method for improving the appearance and health of the skin and provides better health overall.

According to the report, if the acupuncture facelift method is used with a good topical skin care treatment that helps retain moisture and protects the skin from chemicals in the environment, patients may be able to avoid going under the knife.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the skin is a reflection of overall health. The beauty of the acupuncture facelift is that it does not just treat the face—it treats the internal organs that are contributing to the problem. Therefore, in the process of diagnosing and working out a treatment plan for fine lines, wrinkles, slack jaw, or drooping eyelids that patients want to improve, acupuncturists also determine which internal organs and functions are up to par and which are not so they can treat the patient from the inside out.

The acupuncture facelift does not provide the same quick results as a traditional facelift. However, patients do notice an improvement.

Does it hurt? About as much as a pin prick, sometimes less or not at all, according to the report. After the insertion of the needles, patients relax for 30 minutes, before the needles are extracted. Acupuncturists recommend 10 treatments.

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