Whether it’s from spending time in the sun, acne scarring, or hormonal changes, dark spots can form on the skin. Known commonly as hyperpigmentation, this condition occurs when patches of skin receive more melanin deposits than normal, leading to a darkened, uneven appearance. Although it can affect people of all skin types and tones, darker-skinned people tend to be more impacted by hyperpigmentation because they already have more melanin. 

As someone who struggled with acne-born hyperpigmentation and saw a lack of diversity in the skincare world, Desiree Verdejo set out to create a skincare brand that specifically addresses the condition. Verdejo’s line, Hyper Skin, has become a best-seller for its ability to clear dark spots. Here, L’OFFICIEL speaks with the founder to better understand how to treat hyperpigmentation and for her expert-approved tips for achieving an even skintone. 

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