Board-certified urogynecologists and co-founders of Los Angeles’ Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery, David Kimble, MD, and Alexis May Kimble, DO, have launched a new podcast, Vagina Talk, which aims to destigmatize topics related to vaginal wellness and rejuvenation, menopause, prolapse, and more.

Having dedicated their careers to caring for people with vaginas, Los Angeles-based husband-wife urogynecologists Drs. David and Alexis May Kimble are both double-board certified and distinguished leaders in their field. Regarded by the medical community as leaders in vulvar and vaginal surgery, the Kimbles have successfully operated on more than 10,000 women.

“What attracted us to urogynecology, a subspecialty of women’s general health, is that it focuses on optimizing health and wellness by improvement of pelvic floor conditions that can have a profound and diminishing impact on an individual’s quality of life,” says Alexis May Kimble. ”It’s about thriving, not mere surviving—and that’s truly what this podcast is about. We hope Vagina Talk continues a positive discourse around misunderstood intimate topics, such as vaginal rejuvenation, gynecological health, sexual function and pleasure, menopause, and everything in between.”

“The word ‘vagina’ is still considered taboo to most of society today,” adds David Kimble. “We hope Vagina Talk can help to demystify the word and encourage people with vaginas to understand more about vulvovaginal health and advocate for their quality of life. We’ve dedicated our careers to caring for people with vaginas, and our podcast is an extension of this lifelong work.”

Vagina Talk is currently streaming on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Amazon Music