Cutera will provide a healthy and safe environment for industry experts to share their clinical pearls and business tips in Dallas, Tx, November 13 to 15, to help plastic surgery practices stay ahead.

The 2020 Cutera University Clinical Forum (CUCF) will be held Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15, at the Thompson Hotel in Dallas, Tx. Program organizers are committed to the health and safety of attendees traveling to the on-site conference, making it a top priority.

Moderated by Jeffery Dover, MD, FRCPC and Ashish Bhatia, MD, FAAD, the exclusive 2-day event features new innovations, fresh interactive experiences and the opportunity to learn best practices for Cutera’s new and current technologies (including the award-winning truSculpt flex and newly launched Fraxis PRO). 

According to the forum’s leaders, industry professionals will discover the hottest treatments that are safer, more effective, offer less downtime and revolutionize the way patients embrace aesthetics, aging and body sculpting. A leading panel of field experts will share their clinical pearls and business tips to help practices stay ahead.

The 2020 program includes:

  • New Cutera innovations
  • Novel interactive experiences
  • A live panel of leading industry experts
  • Professional networking
  • Marketing workshops
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Hands-on social media expertise
  • Aesthetic trends and treatment forecasting

Cutera is taking every step to ensure a safe environment for all attendees so they can take advantage of new insights, professional networking, marketing knowledge, social media optimization and technology demonstrations to empower their practice.

Attendees are encouraged to learn, grow, and elevate the practice at #CUCF2020. To register, visit the website.

[Source: Kelz Media]