Clarius Mobile Health announces that its ultrasound solutions, Clarius L20 HD3 and Clarius L15 HD3, ranked first and second in a study at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.

“In our quest to find the best technology for us to use for both ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine, we tested many handheld ultrasound devices,” says Sandy X. Zhang-Nunes, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine. “We decided to approach it scientifically and do a study in an unbiased manner.”

The study, titled “A comparison of five point-of-care ultrasound devices for use in ophthalmology and facial aesthetics” and published by Sage Journals, sought to help clinicians choose the best point-of-care ultrasound suited to their needs. Three clinicians scanned volunteer patients to obtain ultrasound images of eight arteries, four ocular and periocular structures, and areas of filler injections. The images were then rated by graders on a four-point scale on quality. 

“The L20 received the highest image quality rankings,” the study notes, “followed by the L15 … (p < 0.05).” The study also suggested that clinicians consider factors beyond image quality when choosing the best point-of-care ultrasound device, including cost, wireless capabilities, range of presets, and battery life.

The Clarius L20 HD3 portable ultrasound system offers specialized imaging for facial aesthetics with automatic presets, responding to the growing demand in this field. Clarius officials say it’s the only specialty-designed handheld ultrasound with ultra-high frequency to 20 MHz, which shows detailed imaging from the skin to a depth of 4 centimeters. Vessel Depth AI enables clinicians to automatically measure the shallowest flow found in real-time using artificial intelligence to streamline workflows.

“There’s really no competition with the handheld market in terms of an aesthetic device,” says Dani Sher, a physician assistant who uses the Clarius L20 at her Sparkle Aesthetics Medical Spa and teaches ultrasound for aesthetics. 

“It’s got a very small footprint and I think Clarius has done a really great job evolving the product to meet the demands of the injectors,” Sher adds. “They’ve come up with new presets, which are very elegant for each area of the face. Voice Controls is a whole new groundbreaking achievement and I really love the resolution you can get with Clarius. You can see filler very well and I’ve been able to diagnose some really interesting complications with it.”

Clarius scanners are affordable wireless ultrasound systems that work with iOS and Android apps, according to company officials. The company introduced the Clarius Power Fan HD3 accessory for continuous power and cooling, enabling uninterrupted scanning in clinics and during teaching sessions. This handheld device allows 24/7 ultrasound scanning.