June 13, 2007

New rules for sunscreens are undergoing final review at the Food and Drug Administration, according to the Associated Press.

Currently, sunscreens are ranked for how well they block UV-B rays, but the proposed rules would rate sunscreens on how well they protect wearers against UV-A rays. The FDA will keep the sun-protection factor rating that currently refers only to UV-B protection, but may add a similar UV-A rating as well. 

The FDA expects the new rules to be issued in weeks, but actual implementation of the rules may take much longer because a public comment period must occur before they can take effect.

This comes on the heels of new research that suggests that UV-A rays—deeper-penetrating than UV-B rays—are linked to cancer and wrinkles.

Experts say that sunscreen is not enough to protect people from harmful UV rays. They suggest avoiding long-term exposure to UV rays.

(health.yahoo.com/news, June 11, 2007)