The partnership between APX and Revelle aims to help aesthetic practices accelerate growth and productivity in a growing body rejuvenation market.

APX Platform, a business intelligence, employee education, training, financial, and data analytics platform provider, and Revelle Aesthetics are partnering to provide practice development and economic support to aesthetic practices.

The aesthetics market continues to see double-digit growth, driven largely by the rise in body contouring treatment options, according to a report by The Aesthetic Society. As a result, many aesthetic practices are shifting their focus to best serve this growing consumer need.

APX Platform and Revelle are taking a more forward-thinking and practice-centric approach to the aesthetics market, focusing less on promoting specific modalities or company offerings, and more on helping aesthetics providers develop their internal practice efficiencies and infrastructure to build sustainable practice growth and profitability.

“This partnership was incubated out of identifying real gaps in the industry,” said Terri Ross, founder and co-chief executive officer of APX Platform. “After decades of consulting with hundreds of aesthetic practices, we have seen providers purchase new devices or technology without really being fully educated on how best to integrate them or maximize their investment potential. That’s where APX Platform comes in. Everyone from the front desk team to the providers is trained on how to explain the features and benefits of the newly adopted treatments, convert patients in the consultation process, combine them with other procedures, and analyze their data to track profitability.”

APX Platform’s co-CEO Izhak Musli believes the two companies share a common vision about the future of the aesthetics industry.

“With Avéli, we are proud to be able to deliver an effective and lasting option for cellulite2–a deeply emotional and frustrating issue for many women,” said Caro Van Hove, president and CEO of Revelle Aesthetics. “While we see cellulite and Avéli as a fundamental part of any lower body treatment plan, we are one piece of a complex puzzle. Our partnership with APX Platform will allow practices to determine how to build out the best and most financially attractive suite of solutions for the body that will be a win/win for patients and providers.”

Photo courtesy of APX Platform