Philippa Goossens, a plastic surgeon based in Vaucluse, has come under fire for refusing to administer anaesthetic to her clients, citing the oft-repeated adage that “beauty is pain” as her reasoning.

When approached for comment, Goossens told The Garter she was “committed to the purest form of beautification”, which in her view was “a wholehearted understanding of the fact that beauty really is all about pain.”

“It’s been true for millennia, and the way I see it, it’ll continue to be true. Not only that, but in my view, those who can’t deal with the pain don’t deserve to be beautiful,” Goossens was quoted as saying in last month’s Plastic Surgery Monthly.

Since implementing her no-anaesthetic policy, Goossens has had two patients die of shock on the operating table; however, this has done little to soften her stance.

“There’s literally no way to attain real beauty without subjecting oneself to various types of torture,” Goossens said.

The controversial practices Goossens employs have shocked the medical community, who says she should be stripped of her license and banned from ever working as a medical professional again.

However, others, like long-time client Miranda McHale, have expressed support for Goossens’ unconventional philosophy on cosmetic surgery.

McHale, who has had 13 procedures performed on her right nipple alone, found the approach to her procedures refreshingly honest.