One man’s fish pedicure is another man’s sensitive gag reflex.

There isn’t too much I’m not willing to try for the sake of knowing what a beauty product or procedure is like. I tried Botox once (didn’t like it, but I think it was because of the person administering it and not the product itself) and lip injections once (would gladly do that again, despite the pain), and I’ve willingly slathered a number of different types of formulas with weird ingredients and funky textures on my skin.

Dental stuff, I’m a little less enthusiastic. Though I’d be willing to do something like a professional whitening or even laminates, I remember hating the gag-inducing, gross-tasting, silly-putty-esque mold my orthodontist used for my braces and retainer, and I would like to to avoid ever going through that again. So disgusting. I also remember hearing about people getting veneers about a decade or so ago and how they had to get their teeth filed down to, like, pegs or nubs or something, and that thought grosses me the hell out. I’m pretty sure they’ve updated the procedure since then and don’t require patients to get Bat Boy teeth anymore, but still — instant shudder.

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