Freeze frame! A Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon is pioneering the practice of anti-aging dermatology treatments delivered via smart car. According to Town & Country, GoToxNOW, is a fleet of smart cars, each with a medical pro that will administer a variety of injections for youthful rejuvenation. Launched in Los Angeles by Dr. David Hopp, of the city’s Youthfill MD express medi-spas, the cool custom service costs just $49 (added to treatment fees).

Now, patients can call on a car to come to them, choosing from injectables including Botox and Dysport (to smooth out wrinkles), fillers Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra and even Kybella, the miracle potion that eliminates “submental fat” (AKA a double chin).

For those patients who aren’t ready to drink from the (seemingly free flowing) fountain of youth, GoToxNOW also dispenses vitamin B shots loaded with a proprietary vitamin complex that gives overall health and energy a kick and even cortisone shots to zap a pimple before a big meeting or date.