Boy George flaunts mermaid makeup and vixen eyebrows, but you’ll never catch him with a trout pout. Despite his obvious love of artifice, the pop star frowns on overfilled lips and eerily frozen foreheads.

“I’m horrified at the way stunning, beautiful people are disfiguring themselves so they can look like someone else,” the gregarious 57-year-old Culture Club frontman tells Alexa, backstage before a packed concert outside Chicago on the band’s global reunion tour.

“When I think of all the hard work I’ve done to get people to be individuals — and now everybody wants to have this weird look that’s just boring. And yes, I am making a judgment!” he proclaims, bursting into boisterous laughter. “There was a picture of [Lady] Gaga the other day really looking fishy and I made a comment on Twitter. It wasn’t necessarily about her, I just think that people are interesting because of their defects and their facial personality.”