“Growing up, I was always a pretty girl,” says Christina (not her real name). “That almost makes it harder as you age.” A divorced mother of two, Christina lives in Los Angeles; she’s worked as a casting director and a stylist. (More recently, “people have called me a socialite, but I don’t like that term.”)

“I’m 51 and I’m very transparent about my age,” she says. “Once you start aging, the difference between 35 and 50 is huge. If I have money in my pocket, I’d rather get skin care than a handbag. I’d rather people say ‘Your skin looks amazing’ than ‘I like your handbag.’” It’s a quest that’s taken her to a facialist, a nutritionist, and a host of doctors. “I go to different people for different parts of the face. Some of them get a little testy when they see that something has been done by someone else, but I don’t care. It’s my face.”

“What’s next?” she says. “Well, my facialist told me about filler in the vagina. Haven’t done that one yet. She said it changed her life and how she feels about herself. She’s 45.”

Here, Christina’s breakdown of what she pays to stay ageless.

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