An analysis of cosmetic surgery preference finds that lip surgery takes place every 19 minutes, proving the popularity of the fuller lip trend. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was 48 percent increase of lip surgeries in 2015. However, in a recent scientific study on fashion models reveal that the beauty trend does not affect supermodels.

The study, led by Dr. Prem Tripathi, from the University of California, analyzed the lips of models on the pages of Vogue from 1960 to 2011. They measured the sizes of lips and the ratio of lips to the face of models spread on the cover. Surprisingly, they found that there is no significant increase of lip size throughout the period that span decades.

Models that were studied commonly demonstrated resting mouths, not pouting, and minimal make up was used to enhance the lips. This shows that fashion, which is the significant driving force of beauty trend in women, is not the driving force behind the fuller lip trend, the Livescience says.

So what drives an increasing number of women to get lip surgery? The surprising answer is the trend of the decade which is driving everyone to post snapshots of their own faces on social media: selfies. According to the Counsel Heal, as with any trend, the source of the craze could be traced back to celebrities.

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