Approximately 4 million students have now undergone cosmetic surgery in China, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the total patients in the country.

According to Wang Yong’an, vice-chairman of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics (CAPA), revealed that there are currently more than 8 million people in China who have undergone cosmetic surgery, the majority of whom are young women.

6.5 million are believed to be under 30 years old and most of them are said to be students, China News Service reported.

College students mainly opt for the surgery during the summer and winter breaks from studies, while there has also been a rise in the number of new graduates having surgery.

Micro-surgeries are said to be generally favoured by students due to their less invasive nature, with Botox injections and minor face-lifts especially popular.

According to Wang, the prevalence of cosmetic surgery has had a major impact on junior and senior high school students, with many daughters having surgery because their mothers have done the same.