In a secret location in downtown Los Angeles, a group of professionals (or artists as they like to call themselves) have gathered to discuss the latest fashion. But this is not about fashion as we know it.

As members of the same organisation, these artists are eager to share their insights and tips with each other. They all know how vital it is to keep one step ahead of the competition.

While they discuss the latest in “cutting” techniques and the major role fine stitching plays in their creations, the door to the meeting room opens and the president of their organisation enters.

“Good news,” he says, taking a seat at the head of the table. “Our analysts have informed me that big breasts are out. Small nipples are gaining momentum. Women are going for a leaner, more streamlined look this year.”

“What exactly should we do to capitalise on this trend?” asks one of the members.

“The first thing we should do is sell our shares in the major breast implant manufacturers,” says the president. “Stocks will tumble as soon as word of this spreads further. I suggest we all dump our shares at exactly the same time – take everyone by surprise. Inform your brokers to sell first thing tomorrow morning.”

Without uttering a word, the cosmetic surgeons (or artists as they like to call themselves) whip out their mobile phones and begin tapping out text messages to their respective brokers.