A nip here, a tuck there — Las Vegas Valley’s medical industry has been evolving for years.

And as the region continues to advertise to tourists as a destination for medical services, one sector in particular has blossomed: plastic surgery.

“Las Vegas being an international city, people love coming here,” said Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth, a local surgeon whose client list includes boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Roth is one of many surgeons benefiting from an enhanced cosmetic medical tourism market.

Dr. Samir Pancholi said Las Vegas has become an international hot spot for plastic surgery, with people traveling to find the doctor who best suits them. That means local doctors are working to keep up with international trends and the latest innovations, he said.

“People want to come to Las Vegas and they want to have an experience,” Pancholi said. “It does keep all of the surgeons here on their toes.”

Douglas Geinzer, CEO of the health association Las Vegas Heals, said that though local statistics are scant, international and U.S. visitors increasingly come here for cosmetic surgery.