Noninvasive treatments—procedures that don’t require going under the knife—are becoming more commonplace than ever before, and just like fashion trends tend to vary based on your zip code, so do the requests that surface inside the doors of doctors’ offices. Curious to see how these treatments fluctuate, we reached out to 16 top dermatologists from six different regions (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Midwest and Florida) to see which procedures were the most commonly requested in their area. From fat melting and body sculpting to fillers and lasers, you might be surprised to see what’s trending in your backyard.


In the Northeast, it’s all about fillers (both in the lips and face) paired with facial and body contouring for an all-around more youthful appearance.

“While patients come in asking for all sorts of noninvasive procedures varying from fillers, lasers and basic skin care, etc., if I had to pick one thing that is prevalent, it would be fillers. Lip fillers are extremely popular in both younger and older patients—people mostly ask about Juvéderm, Restylane and Voluma. Younger patients are looking for a fuller lip and older patients are looking to put back the volume that’s been lost over time.” —New York dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, MD