When it comes to plastic surgery, there are few procedures more taboo to talk about than liposuction. Yet, the procedure is more popular than ever. More than 225,000 people underwent liposuction surgery in 2016, and nearly 40 percent undergoing fat-removing liposuction procedures were men.

So, while talking about the advancements, innovations and newly non-invasive forms of liposuction might not be part of your casual conversations, the stats show more Americans than ever are exploring their plastic surgery options. With the number of patients checking in for cosmetic surgery steadily increasing year over year (up six percent from 2015 alone), it’s clear the times are changing for plastic surgery, and requests are drastically different.

“About 45 percent of my patients are coming in and asking for a Brazilian butt lift (a procedure that removes fat from the waistline and is injected for fuller buttocks and hips),” says Dr. Jared Liebman, who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Einstein Healthcare Network. “People want the ‘classic Kardashian’ look, this is the most frequently requested procedure in my office.”