If you thought butt implants and lip injections were as far as women in Hollywood went to attain flawless figures, think again. The newest hot body parts — stealing focus from the rear ends that were front and center the last few years — are legs.

For that reason, “thighlighting” is the name given to a new wave of plastic surgery procedures that are combined for full leg makeovers. Thigh lifts, calf implants, contouring of the inner and outer thighs, and of course, liposuction, are all part of the deal.

“Thighs are always an area of concern for women,” says Beverly Hills’ Dr. Gabriel Chiu, adding that red-carpet trends now mean the thigh is exposed from various angles. “Also, thighs are an area that makes a dramatic difference in the overall body. When contoured right to elongate the legs, they can help create a better proportion, thus the entire physique looks leaner and longer.” Doctors across the country are now offering plans that address the entire leg, like Kardashian-loved plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian, who has showed off his noninvasive version of thigh contouring on Instagram.