About.com:Plastic Surgery Blog's Natalie Kita takes the overwrought Nip/Tuck to task over technical issues. Large Volume Liposuction – Nip/Tuck Gets It Very Wrong:
Last week's episode broke that rule ten times over when it portrayed a large volume liposuction case in which 150 lbs of the patient's body weight were removed during a lipo/tummy tuck combo surgery. We won't even get into the ethical considerations of sucking the fat out of a prisoner so he can be legally slim enough to receive his scheduled lethal injection.

According to Laurence Glickman, MD, the maximum amount of body fat, skin, and fluid that can be safely removed in any one surgery varies greatly, depending on a number of factors including the patient's health and whether the procedure is performed on and in-patient (with an overnight hospital stay) or outpatient basis.