United States physicians performed the most plastic surgery procedures in 2009, according to the first detailed survey of international plastic surgery data released Monday. In North America, Mexico was #5 and Canada was #15.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) conducted a yearlong survey in the top 25 countries where cosmetic surgery is most popular, revealing new centers that have moved up the list in recent years. Brazil and China, for instance, have displaced previously more popular South Korea and Japan.

The survey also revealed that the number of non surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons actually topped surgical procedures, which the ISAPS suggests might be a reflection of advances in surgical techniques and a desire by people for cheaper alternatives.

According to survey results, liposuction makes up 18.8% of plastic surgery procedures in the US, with breast augmentation next at 17% and eyelid lifts third, at 13.5%. Breast augmentation had held the top spot for a decade.

The top 25 countries and regions are:

    1. United States      11. Argentina               21. Australia
    2. China                    12. Russia                   22. Venezuela
    3. Brazil                    13. Italy                          23.  Saudi Arabia
    4. India                      14. France                    24. Netherlands
    5. Mexico                  15. Canada                   25.  Portugal
    6. Japan                    16. Taiwan
    7. South Korea        17. United Kingdom
    8. Germany                18. Colombia
    9. Turkey                   19. Greece
    10. Spain                   20. Thailand

[Source: ISAPS/The Vancover Sun]