Nowadays it seems people will stop at nothing to achieve the body of their dreams.If recent advances in cosmetic treatments are anything to go by then shoulder shaping and designer dimples could soon be as popular as breast implants and Botox.But are these cutting-edge procedures effective and, more importantly, are they safe?

We’re all for innovation in the world of aesthetics but it’s worth bearing in mind that many of the newest procedures may not have undergone proper testing.Here we look at some of the more unusual or extreme treatments on offer both here and overseas and give our verdict.SHOULDER SHRINKING

South Korea is the world centre of cosmetic surgery and the latest procedure to hit the headlines there is using Botox to slim shoulders.

The jabs, which are traditionally used to soften the appearance of wrinkles on the face, promise to slim down and reduce the appearance of bulky shoulder muscles.

The treatment costs from £400 and involves injecting Botox directly into the shoulder muscles.

Verdict: Over the years Botox has taken on many new uses that are sometimes quite controversial.

However using a neurotoxin such as Botox to weaken or reduce muscle mass necessary for everyday use is not something that we would recommend.

Our advice? Give this the cold shoulder.