About eight out of every 100 women experience vaginal pain so intense that intimacy is out of the question. To make matters worse, many are so embarrassed by it, they’re unwilling to talk about it, even with their doctor.

Now there’s a medical breakthrough, and it centers around a well-known injectable drug, best known for dealing with wrinkles.

In Central Virginia, the word “BOTOX” has almost become synonymous with the name Dr. Joe Niamtu and with good reason. He is the largest solo cosmetic provider of the drug in Virginia – and in the top three percent in the nationwide.

Allergan, the maker of BOTOX, sought him out as an instructor – placing Niamtu on their advisory board.

Even though Niamtu’s bread and butter is making wrinkles go away, he’ll be the first to tell you that the future of BOTOX is in therapeutic treatment. Niamtu knows this firsthand: his two sons, Joey and Evan, both have cerebral palsy, and BOTOX has done wonders for them.

“My sons have uncontrollable drooling, and when we inject this into the salivary glands, it slows them down and helps that. Also, there’s muscle spasticity, where they can’t control their muscles,” said Niamtu. “My sons are not ambulatory, but there are some patients that can’t walk correctly unless they have these BOTOX injections.”

A Time magazine cover story touts BOTOX as a wonder drug, currently used to treat 800 health problems. Everything from migraines to heart trouble – now you can add  gynecological issues to that growing list.