According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, from 2014 to 2015 nonsurgical fat-reduction treatments increased 18.7 percent and nonsurgical skin-tightening procedures jumped 58.2 percent. This is partially because these treatments require little downtime with no anesthesia or incisions.

“They meet the demands of people who are active and don’t want to miss work or skip exercising,” says Jennifer Levine, M.D., a plastic surgeon with a private practice in New York City. “And they don’t come with the dangers or complications of surgery or the obvious signs that you’ve had work done.”

Of course, nothing is perfect. You may feel sore, and there can be bruising and swelling, temporary numbness, or nerve pain. Plus, there’s a hefty price tag. Are the treatments worth it? Consult our guide to help you decide. Here, where the latest fat-melting, body-sculpting options can help.

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