A teenager has been charged with assault after she allegedly performed unlicensed cosmetic surgery on a woman in the basement of her home.

Jingyi Wang, 19, botched a “face filler” procedure performed illegally on a patient who responded to an advert she had placed in a restaurant, police in the Canadian city of Toronto, said

The woman developed an infection and weeks later, required corrective surgery from a licensed surgeon.

After she tipped off police, officers raided Ms Wang’s clinic last week.

Detectives believe the teen may have operated on other people who responded to the advert, which saw her tout her services under the name “Dr Kitty”. It began appearing in April.

Although it was “very vague in terms of what was being advertised”, it featured a code that people could scan with a mobile phone for more information, police constable Allyson Douglas-Cook told the Toronto Star.

She added: “Who knows how many other establishments this ad is placed in? It’s quite discreet how it is, so there’s a possibility that there may be others and a very high likelihood that there may have been others who would have responded to this ad and sought the services of this person.”

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