Plastic Surgery Portal, a website that helps you find the best board-certified surgeons, paired up with Digital Third Coast, a digital marketing agency, to compare Google’s national search volume with the most-searched plastic surgery procedures by state. Yes, that’s a mouthful. But what they found were fascinating trends in plastic surgery searches by region.

The western side of the country is all about bulking up, with almost every West coast state looking for breast implants and lip injections, while the Midwest—and, oddly, both Alaska and Hawaii—are in the market for penis enlargement. And, sure, you’ve got your oddball vaginal rejuvenations in North Dakota, eyelid surgeries in Minnesota, and a scattered range of laser hair removals (which isn’t really plastic surgery at all, but OK). But the most-searched procedure in all of the country, consuming pretty much the entire southern region and most of the East coast: liposuction. Yup, good ol’ fat-removing liposuction.