SculpSure, the noninvasive body-contouring treatment used to permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells in the abdomen and flanks or love handles, has just been cleared by the FDA for use on the back and inner and outer thighs. Utilizing a diode laser to permanently destroy fat cells with heat, SculpSure takes only 25 minutes per treatment and has been a patient- and doctor-favorite since its introduction because of its ability to treat multiple problem areas at once. And now with three more problem areas added to the laser’s lineup, SculpSure’s popularity is sure to skyrocket even further.

When it comes to noninvasive contouring treatments, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking your appointment: patients should expect more than one session to see results (if you’re looking for immediate results, the surgical route should be considered); the fat won’t be eliminated immediately after your session—the destroyed fat cells remain in the body until they are naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system; and the number of sessions needed will not only depend on the patient, but also on the area being treated.

“The approval of SculpSure to treat back fat and the inner and outer thighs is a direct response to the growing needs of our consumers, who are looking to achieve a slimmer appearance and enhance the body they work hard to maintain,” says Michael Davin, divisional president of Cynosure at Hologic in the brand’s press release. “Cynosure is a leader in medical aesthetics and pioneer in light-based fat reduction, and we expect the addition of three known body problem areas to SculpSure’s already advanced, versatile treatment to further drive demand and pave the way for future innovations.”