Aging is an irreversible process (still!) that we all eventually end up going through but how we age is what differentiates us. You may say genes are they key factor in here and to some extent you may be right but in fact it all comes down to how you treat your body.

Even with the best of genes, let yourself go and loose, sagging skin and wrinkles will knock on your door just like that. So treat your body with respect and nourish it with nutritional foods, allow yourself a good night sleep, hydrate it and you will notice people starting to compliment you on your radiating skin.

Green leafs and green vegetables are right at the top on the anti-aging products list as they are packed with antioxidants and chlorophyll. The resemblance between chlorophyll and blood’s structures reaches a striking 70% so no wonder chlorophyll works miracles on us. It oxygenates the blood, stimulates the hemoglobin production and helps clean the liver from any toxic substances like nicotine. Generally speaking, the greener the vegetables the more chlorophyll, the better!

Here is a Top 5 Anti-aging Greens, try and incorporate as many servings of any of the five in your daily menu and the results will shortly show.