The most common Web sites devoted to plastic surgery are the "awful plastic surgery" blogs and the sites that go on endlessly about celebrities who have or maybe have had work done. From my vantage point, it truly is a mind-boggler that so many bloggers and news writers are permanently obsessed with celebrity plastic surgery. As risible as it may seem, the audience for such information is seemingly never satisfied. Every so often, though, one of these plastic surgery-crazed pajamas media bloggers swims up from the bottom of the pond and notices there is [removed]Confusion Over Figures For Plastic Surgery[/removed]:

There have been many reports about the continued rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery.  There have also been reports about the recent reduction in the number of plastic surgery procedures, so what is really happening?

Different surveys have reported a huge difference in the number of cosmetic procedures performed range from a reduction by 2% to an increase by 47%, tummy tucks range from -1% to +13% and face lifts may have gone up by 44% or down by 29%

The problem could be the nature of the surveys; they are all limited.  The surveys tend concentrate on certain groups of surgeons, either from a certain country or belonging to a particular body or having a certain qualifications.  The studies each use different classifications for surgery, some omit different surgeries and do or do not include non-invasive procedures such as injections or bariatric surgery such as gastric band.