More people are knocking on the doors of Turkish cosmetic surgeons both at home and abroad with a rising interest in cosmetic surgery. Turkey attracts hundreds of patients from Gulf countries each year, not only for hair transplant surgeries, but also in facial aesthetics. The recent statistics also show a rising trend both among women and men.

Allergan, a global medical aesthetics company, has released its “The Changing Face of Beauty: A Global Report,” showing Turkey is among the top three country seeking aesthetic treatment. After analyzing beauty trends in sixteen countries around the world, the report concluded that the countries that showed the highest levels of facial aesthetics usage include: Brazil (56 percent), Turkey (51 percent), South Korea (51 percent) and Mexico (39 percent). Turkish women also spend above the average for beauty per month. In the list, China tops with 80 euros per month, followed by South Korea with 60 euros, Thailand with 45 euros and Turkey with 44 euros. The global average for beauty spending is 35 eurps, according to the report.