Gemma Tremain-Bland, (who weighed 18 stone at her largest) completely changed her lifestyle in order to shed the pounds: adopting a vegan diet and doing yoga every day.

However, after her dramatic 6.5 stone weight loss, she was left with a huge apron of flabby skin, and then told she wouldn’t be allowed a tummy tuck because she was under 20 stone.

She said: “I went to see a surgeon who said this was perfect for me, I met all the criteria.

“I’d been overweight and I didn’t plan to have more children – but I was outside the guidelines for getting it done on the NHS.

“The guidelines say you have to be 20 stone, and I had been two stone under. My BMI was 36.9, and now it’s more like 23.

“He advised it was down to my GP surgery and said I could appeal a decision, but when I went back I was told it was a flat-out ‘no.'”