If you think laser beams just are found in a galaxy far, far away, think again.

They are here in Delaware. In a plastic surgeon’s office.

Called the SculpSure, the FDA-approved technology claims it will treat stubbon pockets of fat on the abdomen and flanks in 25 minutes.

No cuts. No anesthesia. Just zapping fat with a laser.

The machine uses rectangular applicators that are smaller than an iPhone to deliver a wavelength 3 centimeters through the skin. The wavelength heats to about 42 degrees Celsius or about 105 degrees to kill fat cells. The applicators, which are at the end of octopus-like arms, can be placed in different places on the body. Clinicians say it’s possible for people to see results in six to 12 weeks.

“It’s definitely the next-generation in non-invasive body contouring,” said Dr. Ian Lonergan, a plastic surgeon with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware who recently purchased the machine.