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Homeopathy in Plastic Surgery
I enjoy your magazine immensely and try to read every issue. I am especially happy to see the article “Homeopathy in Plastic Surgery” by Shirley Madhere, MD (PSP, October 2006). Madhere has done a great job on this informative article. I hope to give it to the professor who teaches the “Complementary Medicine” course at my alma mater, Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am delighted to see her mention osteopathy in this well-written article.

There are 32 DOs who are fully trained plastic surgeons practicing in this country. Many of my MD colleagues do not know the scope, variety, and volume of medical knowledge taught in our osteopathic medical schools.

Keep up the great work.

NK Pandeya, DO
West Des Moines, Iowa