L. Mike Nayak, MD, director of facial plastic surgery and an associate professor at Saint Louis University Hospital School of Medicine in St. Louis Mo, was recently interviewed about a nonsurgical eyelift for men and women.

According to Nayak, the nonsurgical eyelift is meant for people who have a normal or somewhat increased amount of bulge, or fat, underneath their eyes. Therefore, someone with flat cheeks or large bags is not a good candidate. On the other hand, someone who has isolated depression and relatively small bags is a perfect candidate for the nonsurgical eyelift.

Nayak says that patients in their mid-20s to mid-50s are good candidates for the procedure, depending on how their eyes have aged. Some people never get bags, and others get bags when they’re 18. It has less to do with age than the specific arrangements of their bags.

Some risks, of the procedure, says Nayak, are bruising, swelling, overcorrection or undercorrection, and bumps that can be massaged out.

To prevent teardrops and drooping eyebrows, Nayak says it is important to use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection; avoid cigarette smoking; and use a exfoliating lotion, such as glycolic acid.

[Ivanhoe.com, May 1, 2006]