Philadelphia board-certified plastic surgeon R. Brannon Claytor, MD, has unintentionally become an online sensation after sharing a video explaining the intricacies of deep plane facelift surgery. Originally intended for his patients at Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery, the video has garnered more than 14,000 views on YouTube, with viewers praising Claytor’s comprehensive yet accessible explanation of the procedure. (One commenter described it as “the best explanation of the deep plane facelift on YouTube!”)

“I wasn’t thinking about publishing a video on YouTube when I filmed it,” Claytor says. “I was just thinking about what I would want you to know about this surgical procedure. Watching it now, it’s fun to realize I may have filmed a particularly helpful video on a topic that people are interested in and I’m glad it has a larger audience.”

Claytor says he created the video in response to the numerous questions his patients had during consultations. Standing in front of a dry erase board, he breaks down the facial anatomy and details the differences between deep plane and SMAS facelifts, drawing illustrations along the way.

The deep plane facelift, according to Claytor, is an effective solution for individuals seeking improvement in the appearance of their jowls, neck, and cheeks due to aging. The procedure involves discreet incisions hidden along the ear and hairline, resulting in minimal visible scarring after healing. Claytor, however, says he performs a significant portion of facelift surgeries as “awake“ procedures using local anesthesia—a move he says that leads to enhanced comfort and faster recovery.