I have a very Italian-Jewish nose with a bump that I’ve never liked, but I’m terrified to go under anesthesia and have an actual surgery, so I just kind of accepted that I’d have to live with it. I didn’t know the temporary nose job even existed; I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a doctor to do my lip injections last year.
I’m really anxious when it comes to procedures and anything medical, but the staff at Dr. Rivkin’s office was so comforting and made me feel at home. While I was in the waiting room, I saw before-and-afters of the non-surgical nose job he does and I was like, Oh my gosh, what is this?!
Dr. Rivkin told me I was the perfect candidate for it since I’d just need a little bit of filler to make my nose look straighter and more symmetrical. I was nervous about the pain and the downtime, since I work in the fashion industry and this was during awards season, but he told me it was quick and easy and I’d be able to go to work the next day.
So, at the last minute, I decided to do it. I went for the Voluma fillers, which cost $1,500 and last for about a year or two, as opposed to the permanent option, Bellafill.
He rubbed on numbing cream and 20 minutes later, I was completely numb and just felt a tiny, tiny little pinch when he stuck the needle in. I’d compare it to eyebrow waxing — uncomfortable and not the greatest feeling in the world, but not painful.
All in all, it was just a couple of pokes — he just stuck the needle in at the top, then he did a little bit at the bottom of my nose to lift it, then sculpted and shaped the filler with his hands. It was an instant result.