How does one rectify a botched nose job? These are patients who have already been to a surgeon and now must go to what is likely a second surgeon for a correction. In addition to possibly bad feelings about the first surgery's outcome, they carry a strong desire to see the problem fixed. Of all of the patients whose nose job outcome was a disappointment, those with over-rotated noses (turned up too much) or over-shortened noses are some of the most unhappy. According to Peyman Solieman and Jason Litner, two surgeons at Profiles Beverly Hills, this is a harder problem to fix but it can most definitely be accomplished. They offer insight at the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Surgery Blog:

So how is it that some rhinoplasties have such problematic outcomes? Many surgeons, shorten a long nose by removing the nasal spine and the front part of the septum. See the image below for details.

On the other hand, when we want to shorten a nose or rotate the tip, we focus on altering the shape of the tip cartilages themselves to create the contour we want. In this way we are able to provide a predictable result that does not weaken your nose (if anything, it makes it stronger).

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