Edmund Kwan, MD, a New York-based plastic and aesthetic surgeon for ethnic patients, is offering a non-surgical nose job as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty.

Using an injectable gel called Juvederm, Kwan shapes or contours the nose to achieve the patient’s desired results. By making injections into precise areas of the nose, the procedure can disguise a nasal bump or indentation, straighten or lift the nasal tip, and increase the appearance of a flattened nasal bridge.

"The non-surgical nose job is an exciting alternative to surgery and is a great option for any individual seeking rhinoplasty, especially ethnic patients," says Kwan. "Because this procedure is most often recommended to patients who would benefit from nasal implants, which are typically Asian, African-American, and Hispanic individuals, ethnic patients are the ideal candidates for this procedure."

According to Kwan, the surgery, which is completed in less than 20 minutes, costs an eighth of the cost of traditional rhinoplasty, and its results can last up to 2 years.

[SunHerald.com, September 23, 2008]