Telehealth platform AristaMD launches AristaMD Photo App, designed to allow its providers, such as dermatologists, to transfer images as part of the eConsult platform.

Providers need only use their mobile phone to take photos through the app, which are automatically and securely saved to the AristaMD platform, then continue to process their referral order and eConsult as usual, a media release from AristaMD explains.

There are fewer practicing dermatologists in rural regions. Geographic barriers compound the issue of long wait times for specialist appointments, the release suggests. Use of AristaMD’s eConsults have proven highly effective with 81 percent of dermatology consults replacing a face-to-face visit with a dermatologist, the release suggests.

“Currently, patients are waiting anywhere from two to four months for a specialist appointment, but the reality is that a large portion of those specialist referrals are not needed,” says Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD, in the release.

“The new AristaMD Photo App will help PCPs continue to significantly reduce unnecessary face-to-face referrals in even more cases needing visual documentation.”

[Source(s): AristaMD, PRWeb]