A recent artricle over at The Huffington Post takes aim at an apparent contradiction in the marketing of sunscreen products — the medical community is promoting the idea that spending some time in the sun will boost your Vitamin D deficiency and provide other perks you get from sunshine, but the medical community is also telling us to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen even to bed. It is another example of how inept marketing and ineptly bundled media-based messages can confuse, not enlighten. Is Profit Behind Dermatology’s ‘Sun Scare’ Message?

What’s really behind the ‘sunshine is killing us’ message that’s pouring out of dermatologists’ mouths, via the media, these days?

With the summer months upon us I wanted to find out firsthand what exactly the mantra is that dermatologists are telling patients. So I went undercover to several San Francisco dermatologists in order to see if there is legitimate concern about the sun-scare media hype. Are these doctors being sensible or going overboard when it comes to advice on sunscreen use and skin cancer prevention? Is the sky falling with dangerous UV rays or are we being induced into a media panic?

Let’s journey on into the heart of mole darkness and find out.

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