Topical treatment with AVR118 may have clinical activity for reducing inflammation and redness from surgical incisions or dermatologic dermabrasion, preliminary findings from Advanced Viral Research Corp (Yonkers, NY) Phase II dermatological study indicates.

The open-label dermatological study evaluates the topically applied spray formula for possible anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Preliminary examinations for two different cohorts of patients show that AV118 may decrease inflammation, redness, and swelling from dermabrasion for the treatment of severe acne and may decrease inflammation from surgical incisions.

Because of its encouraging response to the inflammatory symptoms of acne, Advanced Viral Research Corp may amend the AV118 protocol to include patients being treated solely for acne.

Animal models also indicate that AV118 may have topical wound-healing properties.

[Business Wire; June 18, 2007]