AXIM Biotechnologies Inc announces the launch of human dermatological clinical trials using AXIM’s patent-pending topical ointment formula AX-1602.

The proprietary AX-1602 contains “stem cell cannabinoid” cannabigerol (CBG) and other cannabinoids. CBG shows an anti-inflammatory effect shown to reduce pain, act as an antibacterial agent, and ease the symptoms of psoriasis. It can also slow the proliferation of tumor cells in vitro and in vivo.

Trials target human users suffering from psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (eczema), conditions tracking to affect nearly 200 million people worldwide by 2024, according to a media release from AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. Marcus Meinardi at the Maurits Clinics in The Hague, the Netherlands, will conduct the clinical trials.

“We are extremely pleased that our ongoing efforts in finding solutions to conditions for which there are no effective treatments or the ones available are associated with significant side effects (eg, immunosuppression) are culminating with the clinical trials of our Renecann product,” says George Anastassov, MD, AXIM’s CEO, in the release.

“Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are debilitating conditions causing significant decrease in quality of life. Utilizing our proprietary technologies and incorporating unique cannabinoids, we believe that we will be able to effectively address these concerns,” he adds.

Psoriasis affects more than 125 million people throughout the world. The chronic immune-mediated disease is characterized by the formation of thick and extensive skin lesions called plaques, which create itching, pain, and scaling. In addition to a negative physical and psychosocial impact, psoriasis suffers are also at risk for acute infections and chronic diseases.

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin that results in swollen, red, itchy, and cracked skin. The lesions may also weep clear fluid and scratching worsens the symptoms, which increases the risk of skin infections. The skin condition affects children as young as 1 year and often continues into adulthood.

“We are very excited to begin human dermatological trials for psoriasis and eczema at The Maurits Clinics,” states Lekhram Chanoer MSc, AXIM CTO, in the release. “Dr Meinardi is a highly experienced professional, and we are glad that his interests are aligned with ours in the utilization of cannabinoids as the API for finding safe solutions for people with these skin disorders.

“The AXIM AX-1602 ointment will be tested with different concentrations of cannabinoids and will be placebo controlled. Following the successful completion of this clinical trial, AXIM products will be registered as ointment for various skin disorders,” Chanoer continues.

[Source: AXIM Biotechnologies Inc]